Can You Escape 2 Walkthroughs and Cheats

Can You Escape 2 walkthroughs, cheats, tips and answers for all levels! This is a new escape game from the makers of Can You Escape that brings even more tricks, twists, and rooms to escape from. Are you stuck on a level of Can You Escape 2? Here you will find Can You Escape 2 walkthroughs, cheats, and guides for all Can You Escape 2 levels!

Can You Escape 2 is similar to the other Can You Escape games you know and love, but with a new twist. There are new graphics and themes for each level, plus mini puzzles and more! The object of the game is to escape from whatever room you are in using the objects and items that are in the room. Anything can be a hidden clue in Can You Escape 2, so be sure to check out these Can You Escape 2 walkthroughs and cheats to find out where to click and how to advance!

This game is challenging and fun, allowing players to find hidden clues in a variety of locations. Each room has a unique set up with furniture, drawers, hidden compartments, knick knacks, and an assortment of objects that can all be used to help you escape. Any item can help you escape from a book, to a bottle, to a brick in the wall. You have to look at every detail if you want to get out!

Can You Escape 2 is filled with multi-step hints that require your full attention. You have to stay sharp to figure out how to arrange, unlock, and discover the secrets of each new level. Many of the levels in Can You Escape 2 will work your mind and your memory. You will need to remember codes and patterns in order to replicate them in other areas of the room. You might need to copy a series of numbers or letters, or remember a pattern and duplicate it. It can get a little confusing at times, but these Can You Escape 2 walkthroughs and cheats will help you uncover each clue.

 Can You Escape 2 Walkthrough Level 1-1



  • The first thing you should do is go to the phone on the desk.

 Can You Escape 2 Walkthrough Level 1-2



  • Press the ON button.
  • Take note of the level of each bar.

 Can You Escape 2 Walkthrough Level 1-3



  • Next go to the box on the left side of the room.
  • Click each wooden block until the levels match the levels on the phone (3 0 1 2 1 4)
  • A key will appear!

 Can You Escape 2 Walkthrough Level 1-4



  • Now open the third drawer.
  • Click on the remote.

 Can You Escape 2 Walkthrough Level 1-5



  • Use the remote to click on the TV.
  • A series of fruits and stars will appear.

 Can You Escape 2 Walkthrough Level 1-6



  • Use your key to open the grid next to the elevator.
  • Click the green button. Stars will appear.
  • Change the stars to the apple, banana, watermelon, star pattern from the TV.

 Can You Escape 2 Walkthrough Level 1-7



  • This will open the door!

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