Emoji Pop Answers and Cheats

Emoji Pop is the latest trivia and icon game but for fans of the beloved Emojis that have graced our smart phone messages! Emoji Pop Answers and Cheats will give you every solution for all levels of Emoji Pop for android. Emoji Pop is easy, fun, and super addictive- and we think you’ll like it just as much as we do! Check out the Emoji Pop Cheats and Walkthrough and see what all the hype is about! Emoji Pop is the latest quiz trivia app by the developer 6waves, and has been topping the charts of the google play store as soon as it was released. Emoji Pop combines the fun of using Emojis in text messages with friends, with the interactive nature of playing icon and trivia app games. Emoji Pop answers and walkthrough covers all levels and the recent update of May 16, 2013- it has you covered for every single picture and answer in the game!

These Emoji Pop Answersnot only has cheats for all levels of the game, but it is also fully optimized to view on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices! With the invention of the iPhone came the wonderful world of Emojis- where friends, family and others can all communicate and express their emotions through the use of hundreds of dazzling icons! And this is not just smiley faces we’re talking about here- food, flags, animals, sky scrapers, drinks, party favors, you name it- there’s an emoji for it! Which is how Emoji Pop was able to transform the world of Emojis directly into a new trivia app game! Why use words when you can use Emojis? Still, it takes a little getting used to until you can be fluent in Emoji, which is why we found all the answers and cheats to Emoji Pop in case you need help solving a level.

It’s about time that someone released a an app for Emojis about Emojis, since they have been around for quite some time now (and only keep getting better with iOS updates), so we’re pleased to learn about the huge Emoji Pop trend on the app store. The gameplay is quite simple, where the Emoji icons create compound words and you must guess the answer. Sometimes these answers will be two words rather than compound words, and usually signify either a land mark, adjective, or action. It can be compared to Pic Combo or PicToWord, where you have two images (Emojis) and you must guess the answer they depict. Emoji Pop will give you the amount of letters in the words, and you can get hints either through revealing a letter in the answer, or removing letters from the keyboard. The game can get a little confusing as you play, especially with some unrecognizable icons, so use Emoji Pop walkthrough and answers for any help you may need!

We think this game is here to stay and are anxious for the android release. The app is constantly being updated to reflect new changes, so check back here for more news from this developer and other popular trivia and quiz games.

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