Icon Pop Mania Answers and Cheats

Icon Pop Answers has added cheats for Icon Pop Mania to their website and full walkthrough guide for icon games. Here you can find hints and solutions to all 9 levels of the app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Search for the icon that you need help with by the level or by the category. Icon Pop Mania categories include Brand, Character, Famous People, TV and Movie, City, and Country.

Navigate to the level or category that you need the Icon Pop answer for, then click on the image or answer button to reveal the cheat. Hints are also located below each icon on the Icon Pop Answers website to help you easily find the level you are looking for. The site is always updated with answers for the newest version of the app.

Icon Pop Mania by Alegrium is one of the latest icon and trivia apps that the developer has released for iOS users. Icon Pop Mania tests you on your knowledge of pop culture, brands, characters, artists, logos, and more. This colorful game is similar to the other icon games by Alegrium, and we have even noticed some repeated icons from their previous apps. If you can’t get enough of icon guessing puzzles, then give Icon Pop Mania a try!

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